Why Loyalty Matters

Think you know what it takes to be successful and happy? Think again!

If you were to ask anyone what factor contributes most to being successful and happy, you can be virtually certain that not one of them would mention loyalty. And that’s a problem.

Grounded in the most comprehensive study of loyalty ever conducted, Why Loyalty Matters proves that when it comes to business success, relationship success, and even our overall happiness, loyalty is the difference maker.

In Why Loyalty Matters, renowned loyalty experts Timothy Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy draw from the most comprehensive study of loyalty ever conducted, the landmark Ipsos Loyalty Study, to show why loyalty is critical to our happiness as individuals and our success as a society.

Readers learn:

  • How to leverage 10 relationship building blocks to shape your interactions at home and work
  • How organizations can gauge and strengthen employees’ loyalty—and why they should
  • How to boost your company’s profits by finding and developing loyal customers
  • How to achieve career fulfillment through loyalty to your job and coworkers
  • How to develop more loyalty in your friendships, family, and community

Loyalty Advisor Survey

The book includes one-time access to Loyalty Advisor, so that readers can uncover their loyalty strengths and weaknesses—and what they can do about them! Loyalty Advisor, the product of a global, comprehensive effort to identify the loyalties most important to our success and happiness, provides readers with an assessment of their relationship styles and a comparison of their loyalty levels with national norms. Loyalty Advisor also allows readers to invite three or more friends, family, or professional colleagues to participate in a confidential evaluation of readers’ loyalty to them.

Loyalty Survey Report

How does Loyalty Advisor work?

Loyalty Survey Workflow

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