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While we would like for everyone to be able to read Why Loyalty Matters, we also recognize that economic circumstances make it difficult for some to be able to purchase a copy. Our overriding goal, however, is to help each of us harness the power of loyalty so that we can lead happier, more successful lives, and to improve the world in which we live. To help make that a reality, our wonderful publisher is allowing us to make several chapters of the book available for free. We very much hope that you find them useful in building loyal relationships in all areas of your life.

Loyalty Toolkit

Please enjoy and put to good use your free Why Loyalty Matters companion resources below.

Churches & Faith-based Organizations

The aim of our religious faith is to bond us to one another and to the eternal. The pinnacle of loyalty is the same. To quote esteemed Harvard professor of philosophy Josiah Royce, loyalty in its purest form is "the will to believe in something eternal and to express that belief in the practical life of a human being."

For the faithful, we hope that this Bible Study and Discussion Guide points to the Biblical imperative of loyalty in all aspects of our lives, and both inspires and guides our actions.