Want to know how to be a more successful leader, manager, employee, spouse, friend, citizen?

Grounded in the most comprehensive study of loyalty ever conducted, our research proves that when it comes to business success, relationship success, and even our overall happiness, loyalty is the difference maker.

No one can get through this world alone. We’ve all known people who have dramatically impacted our lives, personally and professionally. For most of us, these connections happened by chance. But if we really want to lay the foundation for lasting success and happiness, we need a focused and systematic approach for building relationships with those individuals who will make a positive difference in our lives.

Why Loyalty Matters for Managers?

As managers, our success depends upon getting the most out of the people in our organization, and building relationships with customers. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 10 of us feels a strong connection to the company where we work, to our peers at work, and even to the people who report directly to us. These statistics point to the inherent difficulty we as managers have to unleash our potential and accelerate the performance of our organizations.

The Why Loyalty Matters for Managers program has been designed to provide managers with the tools necessary to build strong, loyalty-driven relationships throughout their organizations. It is a 2-day intensive program, which covers the following:

Why Loyalty Matters for Managers Day 1

Why Loyalty Matters for Managers Day 2

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Why Loyalty Matters for Me?

Every dream we hope to accomplish is going to be done with and through our relationships with others. And not only do our larger goals in life require others to achieve, but our everyday happiness – which ought to be a lifelong goal for everyone – rests within ourselves and the hands of others, too!!!

But today, the research shows that the relationships we so desperately need to be happy are quietly withering away. Over the past 20 years, the number of close relationships has dropped by one-third. On top of that, 20% of people say that they have no one that they can confide in. That’s 1 in 5 people!!

The Why Loyalty Matters for Me program has been specially designed for individual readers of Why Loyalty Matters, to help them put the power of loyalty to work in their personal life. This comprehensive 4-week program (about 1 hour and 15 minutes per week) has been built around LoyaltyAdvisor and our P2R2 system (P2R2 stands for Pinpoint, Prioritize, Reinforce, and Reach Out). Combining the potential in these two proprietary tools will allow you unlock the power of loyalty in your life and help you to enjoy healthy, happy and lifelong bonds.

Why Loyalty Matters for Me

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